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After taking a picture with the cake, Sehun just stood there, while the rest of the people and his hyung-deul are readying to leave. They bowed to their sunbaenims, members slowly walking out of the building. But Sehun just stood there, waiting for someone to guide him, to tell him what to do next. His mind is a mess at the mean time. He’s having anxiety attack. No one, but Chanyeol, came back looking for him.

“Sehun’ah... What are you still doing here? Everybody’s outside already.” Chanyeol approached Sehun.

Sehun just looked at his hyung and silently let out a, “Huh?”

Chanyeol slowly wrapped his arms around the maknae’s waist and pulled him closer to his side as they walked out of the building. “Come on.”

“Yeollie-hyung...” Sehun whispered, eyes darting everywhere as if not knowing what to look at.

“It’s okay Sehun-ah... I got you. Hyung got you.” Chanyeol said.

When they were outside the building, their manager was waiting for them. “Come on guys, the others already went ahead at the restaurant.”

“Hyung, who’s in the van?” Chanyeol asked their manager, not letting go of Sehun.

“Baekhyun and Kyungsoo decided to wait for you guys.”

The door of the van opened as they near it, “Hey guys come on, Junnie-hyung called and told me that they are already at the restaurant.” Baekhyun started as he and Kyungsoo saw their manager and Sehun in Chanyeol’s arms.

The three went in the van. Before the manager started the van, “I want to go back to the dorm.” Sehun suddenly said looking down.

The four turned to looked at him.

“Okay. To the dorm it is.” Chanyeol said, rubbing Sehun’s arms. They were sitting at the back. He looked at their manager and said, “Hyung, please. You can drop us first at the dorm, before you join the others.”

“Yes hyung, you can drop us first at the dorm, you can join the others after. We’ll take care of Sehunnie, don’t worry.” Kyungsoo said, seeing the condition of their maknae, he decided to not join the others.

“I’ll go with them too, hyung.” Baekhyun said, looking back at their youngest and seeing him already asleep with his head tucked between Chanyeol’s right shoulder and neck.

“Are you sure? Ok, contact the others and tell them your decision.” The manager went back to start to van and make their way to the dorm.

“Uhm, actually hyung, it is better if you tell them that we decided to stay with Sehunnie because he’s not feeling well. If we tell them now, I’m sure they will make a fuss and we don’t want to ruin their fun now.” Baekhyun told their manager, not wanting the others to worry for their maknae.

“Ok. Make sure to calm Sehunnie down. Chanyeol, I’ll leave you to that. Kyungsoo, you prepare your dinner, okay? And Baekhyun, make sure to be lively. Don’t worry Sehun with you worrying about him.” Their manager instructed, knowing the routine for nine months.

“I know that already hyung,” Chanyeol replied.

“Yes, hyung, I’ll cook something Sehun likes.” Kyungsoo said, while listing the dishes in his phone.

“I’m always lively, hyung.” Baekhyun smiled at their manager.


“Hey guys! We brought something!” Jongdae shouted after slamming the dorm’s door open.

“Whoah, that’s many. But we already ate.” Kyungsoo said helping Jongdae put the take outs on the dinner table.

“What’s with the bags?” Baekhyun asked as he noticed Yixing, Tao, Jongdae and Minseok carrying bags.

“We went first at our dorm and got some extra clothes coz-“Yixing was cut off by Jongdae shouting “SLEEPOVER!!! We are going to sleep here!” Jongdae bounced from the kitchen and then landing next to Junmyeon on the sofa. Jongin was sitting on the other side of the sofa with Tao leaning on him. Yixing settled beside Baekhyun on the adjacent sofa.

“So, where are Chanyeol and Sehunnie?” Minseok asked as he sat on the other side of Baekhyun, looking for the two giants.

As Kyungsoo walked to the living room, there was enough silence to hear the muffled sobs coming from the last room on the dark hallway of the dorm.

“Chanyeol is calming Sehunnie down now.” Baekhyun said, remembering the time their maknae woke up, and then fed by Kyungsoo while Baekhyun keep chatting at the table, Chanyeol always beside the maknae. And then he slowly stood up, tugging Chanyeol’s arm while muttering the word which told them that their maknae’s condition is serious.

“What happened? Did something happen at the SMA?” Junmyeon asked, worry evidence in his eyes. He’s been worried since their manager told them that four of his members will go straight back at the dorm and that their youngest is not feeling well.

“Yeah, this is so sudden, he’s been fine since the awarding. Does he have a cold?” Jongdae wondered about their maknae’s condition.

“He’s been laughing and chatting with me at our table then, maybe he’s just tired after our performance, since he’s been busy too this days with tapings.” Minseok said.

“Sehunnie...” Kyungsoo said, looking at Baekhyun and then looking at their leader, the other members knows that what Kyungsoo will say is going to be serious, “...Sehunnie... called Chanyeol...Appa...”

“What...” Junmyeon muttered eyes wide. Looking down, he seems to be thinking of what made Sehun call Chanyeol that word.

“Chanyeol is Sehun’s ‘a-” Yixing was cut off again by Jongdae “Sehun called Chanyeol ‘appa’? What’s wrong with that?” Jongdae asked, looking at everyone. Tao looked confused, Yixing as well, Minseok looks down, Baekhyun was looking at Jongin, and the kid is frowning.

“Why would he call Chanyeol-hyung ‘appa’?” Jongin asked Kyungsoo, not for the reason that it is normal for Sehun to refer to someone as family member, but for the reason of what started it to cause Sehun call Chanyeol ‘appa’.

Instead of Kyungsoo, it was Baekhyun who answered Jongin. “Sehunnie... has been crying after Chanyeol locked them in his room. I heard him. Sehunnie... Hunnie’s feeling alone lately. And he’s afraid that someone will leave again. That someone will leave HIM again.” Baekhyun looked at Tao and Jongin.

“Tao... I think it’s not healthy anymore to not interact with Sehun in public.” It’s their leader now who spoke. “I know it’s for Sehun’s protection against the bashers who sees your closeness improper. But think of Sehun too. I know Sehun agreed with this, but please tone down your avoidance.” Junmyeon looked at Tao and Jongin. “Tao, you know what I mean, right? And you two are still friends.”

The others just looked at their leader. Jongdae spoke up. “So, Sehun calling Chanyeol ‘appa’ indicates that he feels neglected?” he asked, looking at the K members.

“No.” Jongin said. “It’s a sign of his anxiety attack. He’s been having that after...” Jongin let out a sigh. “After Kris-hyung left. It worsens after Luhan-hyung informed us that he’s planning to leave.”

 “What? Since Kris left?” Minseok asked. The M members looked at the K members. “But we never ...notice.”

“Sehun seeks Chanyeol’s care when his attack suddenly strikes. He will want to go back here and locked in his room and cries his worries to Chanyeol. He started calling Chanyeol ‘appa’ on the third day that he has his attack after Kris-hyung left. And he’s blaming himself of why Kris-hyung and Luhan-hyung decided to leave.” Kyungsoo explained.

“Tao, let the fans think what they want to think. Sehun’s been hurting for days, I see it in his eyes. And he’s starting to blame himself because fans started to attack you because of how close Sehun is to you. That you want to lessen your interaction with him because of that issue. Tao, just let the fans think whatever they want, don’t show Sehun that it affects you. By avoiding each other in public means you’re affected Tao, and that does not come good to Sehun’s eyes.” Baekhyun looked at Tao. “We all know that Sehun isn’t afraid of any insects or anything. But we know how fragile he is when it comes to abandonment issues. Actually, you two should have not decided to less your interactions in public in the first place.”

“And hang out with him again. He’s been lonely since you started to hang out with your other friends.” Chanyeol suddenly appeared at the start of the hallway.

“Chanyeol-ah! How’s Sehun?” Junmyeon asked standing and grabbing Chanyeol’s arm.

“He’s asleep now hyung. He’s hugging his pinku pinku now. He will just need reassurance now from Tao.” Chanyeol looked at Tao. “That your friendship still stands”.

“I’m sorry. I should have been aware that this will happen. I just wanted to help. I just want the fans to get off the back of Sehun. Tao and I been talking a lot this times. I should have known that Sehunnie will feel this way.” Jongin looked down feeling guilty since he knows how Sehun will be if avoided. “I should have known.”

“Yes, you mean well Jongin, but I think that added to Sehun’s insecurities.” Kyungsoo commented.

“I’m sorry.” Tao looked down. “I’m sorry I didn’t know.” Tao stood up, looking at Chanyeol if he may go and talk to Sehun.

“It’s ok, Tao, you’re not aware. Sehun doesn’t want to tell his problems. It’s just we’re in the same dorm, that’s why K members are aware of it. If Sehun wants to, it will just be Chanyeol who will know of his anxiety.” Baekhyun smiled at him. “And Jongin, yes, you should have known. But, it happened already.” Baekhyun smiled at Jongin.

“Ok, Tao go now. Talk to Sehun. If you two started to hang out together, maybe we could have someone with the two of you.” Their leader smiled at Tao.

“Yes, that would be fine.” Tao said, itching to go to Sehun.

“Tomorrow, let’s stay at the practice room and hang out there.” Junmyeon suggested.

“Hang out there? Hyung we will go practice tomorrow not play around.” Jongdae reminded their leader.

“We could play a game after practicing.” Minseok suggested.

“Let’s smother Sehun with our love.” Yixing said.

“Hahaha, Yixing-hyung, you’re finally able to finish your sentence!” Jongdae laughed.

“Ok, settle down now guys.” Junmyeon said before Yixing can talk back to Jongdae. (And Yixing being cut off again, and worse, wasn’t able to let out a single word before being cut off again). “Tao, you go and talk to Sehun now. After that, Jongin, you go and cuddle Sehun ok?” Junmyeon turned to the other maknaes.

“What? Why would Jongin cuddle Sehun? That should be me. Sehun and I are the ones having problems.” Tao complained.

“Tao, Jongin needs to reassure Sehun too. And Jongin needs reassurance too that Sehun and he are ok.” Chanyeol explained to the frowning Tao. “Even if it’s you and Sehun having problems, you know where Jongin stands in Sehun’s life and what he did these days affects Sehun too.”

“We know I am the boyfriend, Tao, and I too still need reassurance that he won’t ignore me in the morning. Since you’ve been talking to me a lot in the awarding programs.” Jongin smirked, irking Tao.

“Fine. Since you’re the boyfriend of Sehun. I will be fine with that.” Tao said, still frowning. He expects that he could cuddle with Sehun after they talk. Not leaving the room and letting Jongin cuddle Sehun. Sehun is still his bestfriend.

“Go, now Tao. Sehun has calmed down enough that he will wake up any minute now.” Chanyeol pushed Tao towards the direction of the room where Sehun is.

“Make it quick!” Jongin yelled after him.


“Hun-ah...” Tao lie down on the bed back hugging Sehun.

Sehun opened his eyes. He has been awake since someone opened the door to his room. He hold Tao’s arm around him, making it tighter. “Taozi... Tao...” Sehun whispered.

Tao buried his nose in Sehun’s nape. “Hunnie... Sorry.” Tao whispered against Sehun’s nape.

Sehun turned in Tao’s embrace and buried his nose against Tao’s chest, inhaling his scent. “Are we hanging out again?”

“Yeah. Sorry. Love you, Hunnie.” Tao kissed Sehun’s forehead. “Love you.”

Sehun closed his eyes. He’s keeping sniffing Tao’s neck. “Love you too, Taozi.” Sehun muttered.

Tao suddenly laughed and making Sehun looked at him in the eyes. “But we can’t hang out this time. Someone’s waiting for his turn.”  Tao is pinching Sehun’s cheek softly. Sehun giggled. His beautiful eye smile. “Yeah, that’s right.” He said happily.

“Hm...But let’s stay like this for a while. Junnie-hyung said Jongin needs to cuddle you to sleep. We’ll see each other again tomorrow.” Tao explained. At first he hesitates to tell Sehun and let his best friend sleep in his arms.

“I know. Kkamjong is a baby. I know he will worry once he found out that I had an attack.” Sehun said.

“Ah, about that... Sehunnie, I’m sorry I didn’t notice, or we from M unit didn’t even think about the effects of… to everyone.”

“It’s okay. I just don’t want to worry you guys that’s why I didn’t want them to tell you anything about it.” Sehun said.

“But we know now.” Tao hugged Sehun tightly.

“Go now.” Sehun suddenly said.

“What?” Tao looked at him dumbfounded.

Sehun smiled at him with his eye smile and said, “I want to sleep now, I’m tired. Jongin needs to cuddle me now.” Sehun said closing his eyes.

“Aish! Don’t say things like that. Your little boyfriend has already stolen time that you were supposed to spend with your best friend.” Tao pouted.

“Ok, ok. Go now. Tell Jongin to cuddle me now.” Sehun laughed.

“Sehunnie~” Tao whined.

“Love you, Zitao.” Sehun hugged his best friend.

“Love you too, Hunnie-ah.” Tao smiled and got off the bed and walking out of the room, after giving Sehun a flying kiss.


“Yah! Sehun asks for you.” Tao said, obviously sulking. He lie down on the sofa, adjacent with one Junmyeon was lying down.

“Don’t worry Tao, you’ll get yourself a boyfriend someday. Maybe an old man.” Jongin happily said. He’s prancing on the way to Sehun’s room.

The other members are already asleep. Yixing and Minseok taking the floor of the living room, and obviously, Tao and Jongdae took up the sofas.


Tao wish to cuddle with Sehun that night. But what can he do, Jongin was being a baby. And Sehun is a baby too. And Tao knows that he’s being a baby by wanting his bestfriend by his side.

Being a maknae comes tantrums, insecurities, and sulking.


Junmyeon thinks with his eyes closed, but I am not an old man. That brat Jongin. Sigh, don’t worry Taozi, I’ll make my move someday.



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. I never thought I would be a person to be involved in a one-night stand. Ah~ no, not one-night stand, he, the other person, said that it’s normal that we do it. I don’t understand. I’ll just consider it as a one-time thing, a one-time thing with the person who lives in the same penthouse with me. Not just mine, or his, but ours he said.






A sunbeam filtering through the blind shed a gentle light on his soft golden hair, on his pure throat, on his tranquil chest... It seemed to me that I had known him for a long time, and that before him I had known nothing and had not lived.... “And here I am sitting opposite him,” I was thinking, “I have met him; I know him. God, what happiness!” I almost leapt from my chair in ecstasy....








Strange. I never thought I would be a person to be involved in a one-night stand. Ah~ no, not one-night stand, he, the other person, said that it’s normal that we do it. I don’t understand. I’ll just consider it as a one-time thing, a one-time thing with the person who lives in the same penthouse with me. Not just mine, or his, but ours he said.

Last week, my roommate and I were invited to some party a friend was hosting. I think we got really wasted.


I woke up to light blinding me. Did I forget to close the curtains last night?

Ah, yeah. I got drunk. I didn't think I would be able to think straight with that condition. Ugh. I feel heavy.

I tried to sit up but something was rendering me from getting up.

I looked down, seeing a golden mop of hair, that neck that just asked for biting, sun-kissed shoulders.

I tried looking at the face of the person on top of me. Plump lips, Button nose, long eyelashes. Hm. His face is familiar. I think I’ve always been waking up to his face.



I looked at him again.


My roommate?!

Did he sleepwalk again?

Aish! This kid.


Something is off.




I looked down again.

His naked shoulders wrapping around my too naked torso.


I stood up suddenly, away from my bed bringing the blanket with me. “What the hell!”

He jerked awake. He winced from my shout and from some pain he felt when he sits up. I tensed.

“Ow! Don’t shout. You’re giving me headache early this morning.” He grimaced, rubbing his hips. I widen my eyes.

“Did something happen last night?” I asked silently.

“Huh? Hm, well...” He looked at me as if recalling what happened last night. “Yes... last night... and I think until two in the morning.” He smiled at me. “You were so rough, by the way.” I looked at him with wide eyes.

What the?! How can he smile in a situation like this? “What are you smiling about?! I’m sorry! This should not happen in the first place.” I said, not looking him in the eyes.

“Don’t be sorry.” He muttered silently. I turned to him, hearing something of disappointment in his voice. “This is normal anyway.”

“What?” I asked him, dumbfounded. Normal?

“Anyway, we should wash up and leave. You have an appointment with your doctor, right? I’ll accompany you, so go and use the bathroom first.”

“Oh shit! That’s right!” I looked at the clock. “Still thirty minutes to waste.” I muttered turning to the direction of the bathroom.

“Or do you want to shower together?” He asked from behind me.

“What?! No! I’ll be out in a minute anyway.” I ran towards the bathroom and locked the door. Outside I heard him laughing out loud.

Aish! This kid! It’s as if we didn’t slept together. Hm...

Yeah... it feels normal.


You see, I was involved in a car accident last month. And I don’t remember anything from the past three years. So I didn’t know that I bought a penthouse with someone. And this person always wants to have skinship with me.

Anyway, I am Oh Sehun. Since I don’t remember anything from the past three years, it means I graduated from college for two years ago already.

As my parents told me, I took over the Oh International after graduating. But since the accident, I’m on leave and my father took charge for the mean time.

The situation is, I got close to someone during my last year of college. And it means that I don’t remember interacting with him.  And that someone is the person I slept with.

His name is Kim Jongin. I remember him from my early college years. He’s this person who wears thick-framed eyeglasses and always carries books. We took the same course, Business, but we never interact like I stated earlier. So a big question mark to me, what happened that I am now living with him?




The doctor said that if I spend time with him, I may remember something.




I’ve been spending time with him for the past month. I can’t do anything since he’s living in the same apartment. I think the doctor’s advice is working since yesterday, I remembered my last year of college.



I did my apprenticeship in Oh International, of course. And he, Jongin, the nerd that he is, was accepted in the company. I mean he was offered the apprenticeship, that how great he is that the Oh International itself seeks him.

Oh well, we’ve done our share of conversation because we worked sometimes together. Despite doing an excellent job, he was often asked to deliver files that way taller than him. I don’t know that bullying was in at our company. I know that it is because of his glasses, until now he still wears it.

I don’t like what they were doing, and so I sometimes will help him if I’m not doing anything.

I feel so protective over him.

I never felt anything like it before. Not even for my friends. I am the person who don’t care what people do. But somehow... somehow Jongin is different.  And so I exchanged phone numbers with him, so that I could ask him where he was or what he is doing. And I got the habit of eating lunch with him. Even after our two months of apprenticeship and going back to school, I always eat lunch with him at the cafeteria. But after getting looks and the nonstop talks of ‘why The Oh Sehun eating lunch with that nerd’, I just buy lunch for us and I made him wait at the university garden since no one take their lunch there. I don’t want him feeling uncomfortable even at lunch, coz the talks never stop along the hallways.

We just have a break from the gossipers when we were in Oh International building. Even if our apprenticeship for university course has already finished, I still am under apprenticeship because I am the heir, and Jongin, the company really wants him and so they want him to continue his apprenticeship.

We’ve become really close.




So that’s why today we are sitting in a bubble tea shop. He seems really happy since I told him that I already remembered the last year of our college.

“Sehun-ah, do you want to go back home?” Jongin asked me with his beautiful eyes.

Home? Hearing it feels nice. “Yeah, let’s go back... home.” I smiled at him, and he smiled back brightly.

The shop was just a five minute walk to our apartment. And as we are walking, he asked, “Sehun-ah, do you want to hold hands?” he asked me with beaming eyes.

“Eh? W-what?” I am flabbergasted at his question.

“Come on! It will help you remember again!” He joyfully said and grabs my right hand with his left and clutches his right hand to my arm.

We continued to walk. Though I asked myself that, what I would remember by holding hands.




As we neared our apartment I suddenly stopped.


 “Jongin, move in with me. I have an apartment. You can live there.”

“What? Why so sudden?”

“We go to the same company. We always hang out. Everyday actually. So we should just live together.”

“Hm, ok. But I will help to pay the rent.”

“Uh... ok. Deal.”



“Ok, done. No box left right?”

“Right. This is the last one. What’s with these boxes anyway? They’re so heavy.”

“Oh, they’re my books. Thank you for helping me anyway, Sehun-ah.”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“So, where’s my room.”

“My room.”

“Huh? Yeah, I asked you where will be my room is.”

“And I answered my room.”

“What? Where are you sleeping then?”

“My room.”

“Are you making fun of me right now?”

“No. This apartment has two rooms. One with its own bathroom, and that’s our room. The other one, we could make it into a mini library, since you have so many books.”

“Then, there will be two beds in our room?”

“No. Just a king-sized one.”


“I am asking you to be my boyfriend, Jongin.”


“I know this is sudden. But this is the first time I am asking someone out. And so I asked you to live with me first so that after I ask you to be my boyfriend, you don’t have to hide from me if you ever rejected me. But it’s ok, if you don’t want to be my boyfriend, maybe we could still stay friends? I really like you Jongin, maybe I love you already and I know that I am blabbering right now. And so forgive me.”


“Jongin, do you not know any wor-“


“What ‘how’?”

“How come you love me? Why me?”

“Why can’t it be you? And I don’t know how. Just one day I started to realize that you’re important to me. I wanted to protect you. I wanted to spend time with you. I want to hear your voice. I want to see your beautiful eyes. I want to hug you. I want to kiss you. Are that enough reasons?”


“Jongin... so what’s your answer?”

“Answer to what?”

“Be my boyfriend? My first and last? My only one?”

“Ok... Oh my God. I can’t stop smiling. I love you too!”

“We’re boyfriends now, really?”

“Yes! I am your boyfriend, your first and last, your only one! As you are mine, too.”

“You’re hugging me so tight; I might suffocate, if that happen, I can’t take you out to our first date tomorrow.”

“Are you asking me to have a date with you tomorrow, boyfriend?”

“Yes. Sorry. I really don’t know how to ask someone for a date.”

“Ok no need to ask someone, just tell me. I love you Hun-ah.”

“I love you, my Nini."


 “Sehun-ah, are you ok? What happened? Did you remember something? What did you see?”

I was back to present, hearing the worry laced on Jongin’s voice. My Jongin. My Nini.

“My Nini...” I silently said. I stared at him. I stared at my Jongin. This guy wearing thick-framed eyeglasses, this adorable person. How could I forget such an angel? “My Nini...” I cupped his cheeks.

“Sehun-ah? Hun-ah?” Jongin has tears slowly flowing down his cheeks.

“Nini don’t cry.” I wiped his tears away. I, myself, am crying too.

“Hun-ah, what did you remember?” Jongin asked wiping my tears away.

“I remember asking you to live with me. I remember asking you to be my boyfriend. I love you, my Nini.”

“I am so happy right now, even if it’s just a small part... I love you Hun-ah...” Jongin was bawling now. I hugged him tightly, burying my face on his hair.




“Since we live together in a penthouse, our relationship is stronger, right?” I asked him as we cuddle on the leather couch in our living room.

“Stronger that you think, Hun-ah.” He said, nuzzling my neck.

We sat there just enjoying the moment. But I think Jongin will fall asleep after a while. He keeps yawning anyway.

Sigh. I remembered seeing him at the hospital. His tear-stained face, red eyes, red button nose, and his swollen lips from biting too much, I thought he was so adorable. I don’t know why he’s crying so much. Staring at me while the doctor explained to the people in the room that I may have a retrograde amnesia, he’s eyes full of sadness, longing, and expectation.


The doctor asked me what I remember before I woke up.

“I was talking to my parents about my apprenticeship for my last year in college. I need to meet my professor today actually. He will tell me of which company I would do my apprenticeship.” I said, looking each of the people in the room. When my eyes landed on him, he looked shocked and broken.

“I see. Do you recognize everyone here?” The doctor asked me while taking notes.

“I recognize everyone, but... I don’t know why he is here.”


I remember looking at him with question, as he tears up again. He’s looking at me with something of expectation, waiting for me to call out his name.

Now I know why he cried so hard that day, knowing that I didn’t remember that he’s my Nini.

I looked at Jongin and stroked his hair, he’s asleep now.

I’m sorry Jonginnie. I am so sorry you have to go through that. I chuckled. Now I know that it was not a one-time thing anymore. It’s normal to do it with you. And this is our home. “I love you Nini.” I muttered under my breath, kissing his temple.




A week has passed. Memories of our dates were coming to me. We just stayed in today because it’s too cold outside. Jongin was doing the laundry, while I cook lunch for us.

And then the doorbell rings.

“I got it, Ni!” I shouted so that he won’t come out opening the door while looking wet and just wearing my shirt that is too big for him.

I checked who it was through the monitor. “Eh? From Jewel Park Works?” I asked to myself seeing the logo on the man’s shirt.

I opened the door and the man bowed immediately, “Good day, Mr. Oh! I am Mr. Choi from Jewel Park Works. Sorry we just finished adjusting the ring to your ring finger size. We were sorry it had taken so long.”

I let him in. He sat on the couch and removes a box from the bag he’s carrying. I sat opposite of him, just then Jongin comes in in the living room with sweatpants, thank God. “What is it?” He asked sitting beside me.

“Mr. Oh, I just delivered the ring. We adjusted it already to the right size. This is your ring, right?” the man asked us, showing the ring. 

Mr. Oh? I looked at the man, checking if he is referring to me. But he is looking at Jongin. I turned to Jongin.

“Yes. Thank you for your hard work.” Jongin said, grabbing the box of ring, not even glancing back at me.

“I’ll be on my way then. Thank you for choosing Jewel Park works service.” The man said standing up. I walked him outside the door.

“Good day again Mr. Oh.” He said.

“Good day too. Thank you for your hard work.” I said. I closed the door as the man walked away.

I turned to see Jongin sitting on the kitchen island.

“Come sit here Hun-ah.” Jongin said while looking at the ring.

I sat opposite him, and then he grabbed my left hand, putting the ring on my ring finger. Something clicked in me.

“Is it too tight or not?” Jongin asked me with cracked voice, adjusting the ring on my finger.

“What is this ring?” I asked him while looking at the ring.

Instead of answering me, he slowly put out his necklace. Showing me the ring hanging on it. It’s the same as mine, but smaller.

I looked at him in the eyes.

He looked at me with teary eyes.


“Hello! Where is Jongin?” Baekhyun asked me shivering, jumping up and down and rubbing his hands together.

“Calm down Baek. He’s getting dressed. Anyway, what do you want to drink?” I let him in and we walked to the kitchen. “Ah, I know, I’ll make you tea so you can calm down.”

“But I don’t want to calm down I want hot chocolate. It’s cold outside Sehun.” Baekhyun whined sitting at the chair on the island.

“Chocolate will just make you more hyper Baekhyun.” Jongin suddenly appeared on the doorway.

“Hi Jongin! You’re still wearing that monstrosity of an eyeglass. Baekhyun laughed.

“Of course. I am not comfortable wearing contacts anyway. “Jongin chuckled, sitting in front of Baekhyun.

"Do you want some tea, Ni?" I asked my Nini.

"Sure." He smiled at me.

I set a cup of tea in front of Baekhyun and Jongin.

“So, when is everyone coming?” I looked at the clock above the refrigerator, “Five minutes before the priest will be here.” I said sitting beside Jongin.

“Oh, maybe a minute now.” Baekhyun answered, drinking his tea with grimace.

“That’s not so bad, Baekhyun.” Jongin laughed, sipping his own tea.

“I really want hot chocolate. Well, I hope Chanyeol and Kris bought something tasty.” Baekhyun said while glancing at the front door behind him, since the front door is directly facing the kitchen through the living room.

“Bought?” I asked.

“Well, it’s your house blessing, you don’t expect us just to be here and not celebrate. I know you two will kick us out immediately to bless your new house in your own way.” Baekhyun winked at us.

Jongin blushed so hard, while I think my ears are turning red.

Baekhyun laugh loudly, “Oh my Gee, don’t tell me you’re planning to do just that. “He continues to laugh.

“That’s not it Baek.” I said, looking behind him. Jongin buried his face to my shoulders, embarrassed on what Baekhyun blurted out.

Baekhyun stopped laughing, and looked behind him. There, at the living room stood our friends. Junmyeon and Minseok looking scandalized, Chanyeol almost dropping what he was holding, Luhan and Kyungsoo staring at us with wide eyes, well wider eyes for Kyungsoo, Yifan covering Zitao’s ears, Yixing looking lost and Jongdae laughing silently from behind. And they did the honors of letting the priest inside.

“Oops! Sorry?” Baekhyun scratched his nape, smiling cheekily.


The blessing of our new home was finally done, and the priest looked at me.

“Shall we proceed for the next ceremony?” the priest asked me.

The others turned to us, “What? Is there another ceremony for blessing the house?” Jongin asked.

“Oh no.” The priest answered. I led everyone in the living room. And I pulled Jongin beside me. He looked at me questioningly but I just smiled at him.

“Jongin-ssi,” the priest said.

“Yes!” Jongin startled of being called, accidentally raised his voice. “Ah, sorry.”

“Father, please just ask the question.” I said. “It will still be valid right?”

“Of course. People needed are here.” The priest said. “Well, Kim Jongin,  do you accept Oh Sehun in good times and bad times, in sickness and in health, to love him and honor him all the days of your life?

“Yes, I do. I love him.” Jongin answered, turning to me, with question in his eyes of what is happening.

“Oh my gee... I think I have a gist of what is happening here...” We heard Junmyeon muttered.

“What?” Jongdae whispered back.

“Sssh!” Minseok silenced them, and then the priest continued.

“Oh Sehun-ssi, do you accept Kim Jongin in good times and bad times, in sickness and in health, to love him and honor him all the days of your life?”

“I do.” I am looking at Jongin. Staring at his eyes lovingly. “I love you, Nini.”

I took a box out of my pocket. Opening it, there are two rings inside, one smaller than the other. I took the smaller one and holding Jongin’s left hand, I put the ring on his ring finger.

My friends gasp, understanding what was happening.

Jongin on the other hand, looks at me with curiosity, still not understanding what was happening. He just copy what I did. Taking the other ring and putting it on my left ring finger.

But... the ring was too big. Tch. I should have tried it first. But it’s good that the other one fits Jongin.

“Oh. It’s too wide...” Jongin silently said.

“I now pronounce you husband and husband. Sehun-ssi you may now kiss Jongin-ssi.” The priest declared. Finally!

“What?!” Jongin was so surprised; he might get a whiplash from the sudden turn to look at the priest.

I grabbed his chin and made him turn to me. I stared at him. He stared at me.

Then I kissed him chastely.

Just a short one, of course.

My arm around his waist while his hands are clutching the front of my shirt.

Our friends cheered.

“Whoa! This is totally a surprise. Congrats!” Chanyeol cheered.

“SeJong couple congrats!!!” Baekhyun added. “Well, I think you will have your own celebration, huh?” Baekhyun winked again.

“SeJong congratulations!!!” they cheered not wanting to hear anymore from Baekhyun. Oh, my innocent friends.

“Hun-ah...” Jongin muttered, tears slowly flowing down his cheeks.

Everyone went silent. Hearing the weak voice of Jongin despite the loud cheers of my friends.

“Jo-Jongin...” I said.

“You... You and your habit...” he punched my chest weakly and continued to cry.

“Wait! Sehun, don’t tell us Jongin doesn’t know that you’re getting married today?! I thought it’s only us who doesn’t know.” Kyungsoo exclaimed.

“You didn’t ask him???!!!” Zitao asked.

Others were so surprised I think they don’t know what to say.

“Um... this is me asking him to marry me.” I said, scratching my head. I looked at Jongin and said, “Sorry... I know it’s a surprise to you... but I love you, Ni.”

Jongin clutched my shirt tightly and bawled, “Stupid Sehun! Waaaah..... I love you, babo!” he hugged me tightly.

“I love you, Nini.” I said, hugging him as tight as I could.

“We’re married. I’m your husband.... you’re my husband.” Jongin cried silently.

“Yes, yes I am.” Sehun replied lovingly.

“Well, let’s now celebrate!” Jongdae shouted.


After the guests left, Jongin suddenly became silent.

“Nini, are you angry at me?” I asked afraid of his response.

“Angry?” Jongin calmly asked, “Why would I be angry?” he turned to me, with a beautiful blush on his face. “I love you so much Oh Sehun.”

I sighed in relief. “I love you so much, too Oh Jongin.”

“I think I need to be ready each day, because I don’t know when you will surprise me again.” Jongin chuckled.

“Well, this is me. You taught me many things, Nini. I’m doing so many firsts with you...” I smiled pulling him in a hug.

“Wait. Your ring, it didn’t fit you. Why’s that?” Jongin clutched my left hand, tracing the ring.

“Well, I just thought of marrying you yesterday and so I just picked something from JPW. I didn’t know it won’t fit me, but it’s great that the ring fitted on you.” I hold his left hand, tracing his ring.

“Oh, you.” He chuckled. “Do you want to bring it back to JPW to readjust it to your ring finger size?”

“Yeah... Accompany me?”

“Of course, but not now. You won’t be wearing it for a while; someone might assume you’re not married.” Jongin hugged me tight. “We need everybody to see our rings... not a couple one, but our marriage rings.”

I chuckled. “Okay. I also want the people around us aware that we’re married now. That you’re completely mine.”

“But I am yours from the start, Hun. As you are mine.” Jongin kissed me.

Ah~ what happiness!

“Meeting you Jongin made me understand what living means.” I buried my head between his neck and shoulders.

“That’s a surprise. I didn’t know you could be this cheesy, Hun-ah.” Jongin giggled, resting his head on my shoulder. “I love you.”

“I love you.”

I think we won’t get tired saying those three precious words to each other.




Ah... We... We’re married... I am his husband... Jongin is my husband...


“Sehun... Hun-ah... Are you ok? Why are you crying? Did you remember something?” Jongin cupped my face, he’s now sitting beside me, wiping my tears.

I didn’t know that I was crying.

“Jongin... My Nini...meeting you made me understand what living means...” I caressed his cheeks as a tear roll down from his eyes.

“You remember?” Jongin’s tears flows nonstop now.

“I’m so sorry for forgetting.” I cried.

“No, don’t be. You’re back now. You came back to me.” Jongin hugged me like he’s afraid to let me go.

I hugged him to show him that I won’t go anywhere.




Whatever happens, even if I lose my memory again, I will always come back to you, my Nini.

“What?! Don’t say anything like that again Sehun!” Jongin hit my arm.

“Huh? Did I say that out loud?” I asked with wide eyes, seeing him ready to release a new batch of gallon of tears.

“You! Did you have gain another habit?” Jongin then laughed while tears are falling. “Please don’t say that or even think like that again.”

“No, sorry. I won’t... let’s live happily now ok?” I muttered against his hair. “Do you want to tell our friends?”

“What? Uh... I don’t think so... Baekhyun won’t shut his mouth if he became aware...” Jongin frowned.

I laughed, “Yeah, you’re right. We shouldn’t tell him for a while... “

*Sigh* Life is happiness... You’re my life, Nini...

“Uh, Hun-ah, stop being so cheesy...”  Jongin giggled.

“Eh, did I talk loudly again?” What the?! Ugh, this is going to be a habit.

“What the?! Ugh this is going to be a habit.” Jongin muttered.

Did he just read my mind?

“Yes. I can read your mind.” Jongin said. “Sehun! What’s with you and your habits!?” He whined.

“Oh no.” I laughed.




I think our life will be more colorful now.

“SEHUN! I can hear you! Stop talking to yourself, finish washing up and get to bed!” Jongin yelled outside the bathroom.

How can he hear me? I locked the door!







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